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   Dr. Gloria Peralta

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EDEA member

Biology Department member

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 Short CV



Departamento de Biología (Área de Ecología)
> Facultad de Ciencias del Mar y Ambientales<br> Universidad de Cádiz
> 11510 Puerto Real (Cadiz)<span>



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Short CV

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Gloria Peralta (1972) Bachelor degree in Marine Sciences (1995) Universidad de Cádiz.

  • Ph. D. TESIS (1997 - 2000)

Developed within the research group EDEA  (Dpt. Biology, Area Ecology) Universidad de Cádiz.

Title “Estudios sobre el crecimiento en Zostera noltii Hornem.: Dinámica estacional y aspectos ecofisiológicos”. This Ph. D. Thesis describes (1) seasonal changes on demography, architecture and dynamic properties of Zostera noltii and (2) how light module such responses on this species.

This work was developed within a collaborative European Project (12/REGII/6/96; INTERREG II/Media 6) between Portugal (Univ. Algarve) and Spain (Univ. Cadiz).


Developed in the Center for Marine and Estuarine Studies (CEME) from the Netherland Institute for Ecology (KNAW-NIOO). First 6 month, the postdoctoral stay was cover by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (MECYT). After that, G. Peralta got a personal Marie Curie Grant (cat. 30) from the EU, allowing her to develop the research project ‘Hydrodynamic effects on seagrass morphometry and allometry, and feedback mechanisms’. This project reached successfuly its objectives demonstrating the existence of direct effects of hydrodynamic forces on morphometry and growth of seagrasses, as well as some of feedback mechanisms.


Dec 2003 - Nov 2007 - Doctor Assistant Lecturer (Dpt. Biology, Univ. Cadiz).

Dec 2007 - Mar 2011 - Doctor Contracted Lecturer (Dpt. Biology, Univ. Cadiz).

Apr 2011 - onwards - Permanent Lecturer (Dpt. Biology, Univ. Cadiz).




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Seagrass morphometry, growth and photosynthesis

Large experience on (1) punching techniques to estimate seagrass growth, (2) studies on variables affecting seagrass morphometry and architecture, (3) estimations of plastochrone index and variables affecting it, (4) uses of O2 evolution and PAM to estimate photosyntetic parameters.

Hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics and macrophyte interactions

Large experience on 3D doppler velocimeters to characterize velocity profiles and turbulence variables in seagrass meadows. Studies on effects of seagrass on local hydrodynamics. Effects of benthic macrophytes on sedimentation and sediment resuspension. Research on trade offs (costs vs. benefits) of macrophytes - hydrodynamics interations (and feedbacks).



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  • Sea-LIVE (Proyecto Nacional CTM2011-24482) 2012-2014

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